Simplestream™ milestones. This list does not depict the entirety of Simplestream’s milestone activity.

• In 2016 Simplestream Inc. announced it is developing an upgraded MediaDesign Pro™ v.4.0 beta. The beta of MediaDesign Pro v.4.0 is expected for demo early 2017.

• Registered Simplestream Inc. in New York, New York U.S.A. March 2016.

• Launched wholly owned affiliate Simplestreamtech.com (Simplestream Technologies™) March 2014 and strategically partnered company with Secureserver.net to sell Domains, rent servers, VPS, hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, SEO services, secure email service, email marketing software service, website security – SSL certificates and more 24/7 Sales and Support.

• In 2013 Simplestreamtech.com was platinum sponor of London, U.K. based Electro HipHop music concert at Brixton Clubhouse. The event featured 8 live performers who collectively hail from England, United States and Italy.

• By 2013 Simplestream.us partners with a private Canada based streaming services company. Our Canadian partners provide global CDN, payment gateways and bandwidth to stream live video and video-on-demand (VoD) to mobile, tablets and computer devices.

• Launched SimplestreamHD™ in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A. 2009 offering our proprietary Digital Media Management System™ (DMMS™) MediaDesign as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) streaming video on demand to the public. This service was offered over MaxCDN a Equinix company.

• Founded and registered Simplestream.us August 02, 2009 in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A. Launched release of our proprietary Digital Media Management System™ (DMMS™) MediaDesign™ v.3.0 (Mobile, Lite and Pro versions) as video-on-demand streaming digital media SaaS and PaaS services respectively.

• Launched a joint venture partnership between Simplestream™ and Scandinavian software development team and company in 2008 after 2 years of negotiations. Prior to securing our joint venture deal, the Scandinavian software team had previously launched MediaDesign in Europe since 2005.

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  • 11/15/2010 (Revised 01/03/2011) – Simplestream Offers New Digital Media Solution Cloud – PDF, Size: 840KB

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